Listen to LOUD

Oooops I haven’t posted anything in quite a while.  I suppose other things got in the way? In any case, I miss this place, so here goes a new post.

I’ve been developing a playlist for a while called “Listen to Loud,” because I have nice headphones, and some songs just really cannot be listened to unless it’s REALLY LOUD (therefore, my headphones are perfect…because I don’t want to severely piss off my hallmates). These are certain songs that for various reasons (voice, bass, synth, etc.), it’s actually a crime to listen to them without cranking the volume up to maximum. My list is fairly long, but here’s a small selection, in no particular order:

1. The Funeral – Band of Horses
Because holy shit, that transition at 1:20 is just fabulous when it destroys your ears.

2. With Or Without You – U2
Because Bono. There should be lots of other U2 songs on this list (Where the Streets Have No Name, Bad, etc.), but I’m limiting myself to one.

3. Radioactive – Imagine Dragons
Because dat bass.

4. Some Nights – fun.
Because…well, it’s so much more awesome loud. I suppose I’ll have to say because of the harmonies.

5. Madness – Muse
Because of that note at the end. I just…it’s beautiful. It deserves only to be listened to at top volume.

6. All These Things That I’ve Done – The Killers
Because it’s The Killers (they are my favorite band, after all, so obviously I’m going to include them). Honestly, I listen to all of their songs at max volume, but that’s just because they’re the best.

7. Fix You – Coldplay
Because I don’t really think I need to explain. If you’ve ever heard this song, then you know why. This song is definitely the best in a concert setting, when the speakers blow up your ears because they’re so loud, because honestly that’s the only way to listen. Unless, you know, you can’t go to the concert……in which case, crank up the volume.

8. Track 3 – Sigur Ros
Because it builds up beautifully. This song is subtle and fabulous and emotional.

Woo there’s my list! I’m constantly adding new songs when I hear them – or when I go back to re-listen and realize ‘oh wait, this is SO much more enjoyable when I can’t hear anything for several hours afterwards because I listened to it so loudly.’ (Disclaimer: I’ve never actually injured my hearing by listening to music at too high of a volume.) Enjoy!


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